About Us

Hey hey!
Welcome to The Hippie Dyer, which I guess is me, Linds, the one in charge.
My business was first set up in October 2013, when our youngest child was almost 6 months old.
Due to the nature of my business in those days, selling items made by other people too, it was called All the Small Things.
In January 2018, I became The Hippie Dyer, as it is much more fitting to the business as it is now.
Anyway, as I was saying, I’m Linds, married mum to 5 wonderful, inspiring, not always easy, children.
We are a natural parenting family, and also home school our youngest. I’m also a sling librarian, and founded Chesterfield Sling Library in 2011.
We have a house full of pets, none of which are allowed to wear any of the hand dyed loveliness you’ll be pleased to know.
I love dyeing! I love trying new things, I love creating one off pieces as well as the old favourites.
I love trying different techniques, like the wax resist work.
All of the dyes that you see here are done by me, by hand. I’m always happy to design you something special too.