Customs & Dye Your Own

I am more than happy to dye clothes/fabric provided by you.

Please take note of the dye information before getting in touch.

All postage cost are paid for by you, please message for a quote.

Pimp ups!
I’m always happy to give a new lease of life to something that you already have.
Be it clothing, fabric, baby wraps/slings, or anything else really.
The dyes that i use aren’t suitable for some types of fabrics (polyester and nylon mainly).

Though each pimp up is priced individually, i do have starting prices.
Adult item starting price £10
Kids item starting price £5

Stretchy wrap £30
Woven wrap £40
Baby carrier £25

Fabric £10/m

Please contact me to discuss your pimp up needs!


If you see something you like in the shop but would like it in a different design, colour, size or anything else – please get in touch

You can also visit our custom items category to order specific products.